CFAC International Folk Dance and Music Virtual Festival

Feb 20, 2021 at 1:00 pm for our festival showcase, featuring performances by the Mi Young Kim Dance Company!

Mi Young Kim immigrated to Canada and founded the Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada in 1979 and began her annual stage performances in 1997, showcasing her traditional and contemporary/creative choreography. The Mi Young Kim Dance Company is the professional dance group portion of the Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada. Working in both traditional and contemporary Korean styles, they perform and conduct workshops throughout Canada. Drawing inspirations from the cultural diversity in this country while keep referring back to her root, Mi Young Kim has done much to develop Korean dance for her multicultural audience. She strives to create a uniquely Korean–Canadian dance style. While Mi Young Kim has won numerous top awards in Korea for her dancing, her dancers have also won prizes in Canada with her choreographies, including gold awards at the Kiwanis Dance Festival of Toronto. In addition to performing actively in the community, the company presents full–evening performances every 2 years, alternating with the Soo Ryu Dance Festival.
In 2018, Mi Young Kim was awarded Ontario Lieutenant Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her tireless contributions to the art communities in Canada.