Encore! Soo Ryu Dance Festival | Jan 1-3, 2021

Donors safely ensure the future of Korean dance in Canada, while providing our dancers with encouragement. Art organizations and performers have been profoundly impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are grateful for everyone who has offered a helping hand during these difficult times.

Encore! Soo Ryu Dance Festival

In 2020, amid a fierce battle with the looming virus, we have successfully wrapped the 11th Soo Ryu Dance Festival, “Rise with Unity.” The 1st Online Festival in the history of KDSSC, which had been forced to be held online due to COVID-19, will be streamed again for the 2021 New Year to enlighten the spirits of everyone.

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Rise with Unity

Performace: Mi-young Kim Dance Company

Sashar Zarif(Toronto)
Light Sound Friends, Jeong Sup kim(Korea)
Constance Chang(Sanfrancisco)

Photography: Gabriel Cropely


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