January 31 (Mon), 2022
1:00 pm EST

The Korean important intangible cultural asset ”Seung Mu”(monk’s dance) is a representative Korean folk dance and has been usually danced solo but this time it will be performed a duet.

”Essence of Queen”( Taepyeongmu in Korean) newly choreographed on the basis of Korean folk dance in 2005 by Mi Young Kim will be also presented in rechoreographed style by Mi Young Kim, Min Seo Kim, and painting artist Kyung Hee Sim.

And along with these, you can enjoy various dance performances such as ”long fan dance” by Constance Chang from Sanfrancisco and ”dancers of the Goguryeo”( Goguryeo is a country that existed in the Korean peninsula approximately 1,500 years ago) by Min Seo Kim and a celebratory dance performance by Yiming Cai from Singapore.

As the last sequence, there is a very important performance by ” Light, Sound Friends” is a disability dance team from Korea.

It will present two repertoires ”Moon, Flowers and Light” and ”Marriage”

”Moon, Flowers and Light” was selected for the KIADA 2019 and touched the hearts of the audience. In November of the same year, it was invited for the first time as a Korean work to the Chicago Counter Balance Festival in the United States proclaiming the beauty and achievement of Korean disability dance and once again confirming its value.

And in ”Marriage”, a choreographer who pursues instinctive expression focusing on the natural movement that becomes a dance and Jong Chul Choi, a Korean wheelchair dancer showed originality by approaching the subject matter reflecting the present age from various perspectives.

1. 달, 꽃 그리고 빛 Moon, flower and Light

안무 Choreography 김혜란 Hyeran Kim
무용가 Dancer 김영민(청각장애) Youngmin Kim(Hearing Impairment)
작곡&가야금 연주 Composer&Gayageum Player 김효숙 Hyosook Kim

2. 결혼 Marriage

안무 Choreography 이동하 Dongha Lee
무용가 Dancer 장라윤 Rayoon Jang 최종철(지체장애) Jongchul Choi(Physical Impairment)
음악감독 Music director 김형민 Hyungmin Kim

3. KIADA 조직위

손봉호 대회장 Bongho Son, President of KIADA
김삼진 예술감독 Samjin Kim, Art director of KIADA
최영묵 조직위원장 Youngmook Choi, Director of KIADA organizing committee 

And all of these performances will be filmed by videographer Manuel Garcia, stage manager Gabriel Cropley who worked together in the 2020 Sooryu Dance Festival.

Produced by  Mi Young Kim

Mi Young Kim
Min Seo Kim
Constance Chang
Yiming Cai
Assistant role:
Jeong Ryeol Park
Sketched Artist:
Kyung Hee Sim
Lighting Design and Photography by Gabriel Cropley.
Videography and editing by Manuel García.
Assistant stage: Yiming Cai
Media Marketing, Website: Phillip Lee, Mozaic Creative Inc.
Korean Branch Contacting: Dong Seon (Julie )Yu
English Translator: Young Chul Kim
Private Donors:
Constance Chang
Francis Kim
Sang Wook Sim
Soon Ok Cho
Soon Ku Yu