Join the KDSSC as we commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic ties between Korea and Canada. With this performance, we aspire to promote the identity of Korean culture in Canada and strengthen the bonds that exist between our two great nations. It is our sincere hope that we can foster a greater appreciation and respect for the ancient traditions and contemporary expressions of Korean musical, dance, and literary art forms.
AUG 13, 2023 / 6:00PM
Main Auditorium of the Korean Canadian Cultural Association
1133 Leslie St., North York
Artistic Director: Miyoung Kim

Tickets : Pay what you can  $10 – $20
Contact kdsscinfo@gmail.com  for tickets

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Mi Young Kim Dance Company
Jin Mi Park Dance Company (Korea) – Jin Mi Park, Yohan Jang, Minjung Gwak, Sumin Woo, Yeongseo Jung
Geum Sil Lee
Constance Chang (Las Vegas)
Min Seo Kim
Kklily (Eun Ji Kim)
Gracia Saxophone Ensemble
Jay Yoo
Luis Minutti

Gabriel Cropley: Stage & lighting
Manuel Garcia: Videography and photography
Phillip Lee: Design & online marketing
Nancy Baltazar: Assistant Administrator 

• Daegu Foundation for Culture and Arts
• Canada Heritage
• Government of Ontario
• Ontario Arts Council
• Toronto Arts Council 

Performers Bio

Mi Young Kim

Born in Seoul, Mi Young Kim is an immigrant artist that already had a decorated career and history in Korea before moving to Canada.
Since the age of five, she was taught by her great master teacher Yun Hak Kim, an influential dancer and choreographer who established his own dance school in 1945.
He personally trained and produced countless professionals in Korea, and over his 30 year career, Yun Hak Kim became widely known across the country for his original repertoire, becoming a historically significant figure in shaping Korean cultural dance.
Other notable figures who taught her include; Man Hyang Chu, Geum Ryun Sung, Ok Jin Kim, Sung Nam Yim and Wol Young Lee. These individuals are celebrated nationally for their works in their respective area; Ogomu, the five drum dance, Seoljanggo, the Gayageum, and ballet.
Mi Young Kim lunched a multi-cultural dance festival in 2003, The 1st Soo Ryu Dance Festival. Kim was presented with her pen name from poet Geum Shil Lee, which metaphor to spread Korean culture to all parts of the world like water, and after 2003, the Soo Ryu Dance Festival began and continued as currant.
Continue to promote traditional Korean dance and further develop her art, Mi Young Kim now concentrate on training new generations of dance artists and creating a dance style that is uniquely Korean-Canadian. Kim also invited traditional Korean entertainment dance performers such as Jin-Mi Park, Mi-Sook Song, and Hyegyeong Lee, and collaborated with several artists from Canadian multicultural diversity; Menaka Thakkar, Lata Pada, Zab Maboungou, William Lau, Kozakura Sensui and Oikado Ichiro. 


Jin mi park

Yohan Jang

DAMS project, Director of BodyArts, Ceo of Time Academy, Master’s Degree in Culture and Arts at the Catholic University of Daegu, Transferee of Jesujae of Jakyaksan No. 45 of Gyeongnam Miryan Intangible Cultural Property, Senior Member of Jin Mi Dance Company.

Minjeong Gwak

Graduated from Daegu Catholic University’s School of Culture and Arts, CEO of Korea Dance Sharing, Daegu Intangible Cultural Property No. 18 Towel Dance Graduate, School Arts Instructor of Korea Culture and Arts Education Promotion Agency, Member of Jin Mi Park Dance Company.

Sumin Wu

Master’s Degree in Culture and Arts from Graduate School of Catholic University of Daegu, Member of Gumi Municipal Dance Company, Member of Jin Mi Park Dance Company.

Yeongseo Jung

Graduated from Yeungnam University’s Department of Dance, Masters Degree in Dance at Sejong University’s Graduate School of Convergence Arts, Advance to the 2022 Korea International Modern Dance Competition Semi-Final

Minseo Kim

Supporting Director.
Graduated from Pyongyang College of Music and Dance,
Major: Department of Dance, [Department of Creation].
I have been dancing in North Korea since I was young and majored in dance at the College of Music and Dance.
From 2013 to now, I have been working as a member of a dance group at the Korean Dance Association. 

Kklily (Eun Ji Kim)
Kklily (Eun Ji Kim) is a traditional Korean percussionist and music composer. She graduated from National Gugak High School and Korea National University of Arts, majoring in percussion. Currently, she graduated of the Seoul Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 25 Pansori High Law. In addition, she won the Grand Prize in the General High Law Division at the 2nd National High Law Pansori Contest at the General Gang Gam Chan Festival. She also participated in musicals,thestricals, and concerts with Western orchestras as well as traditional Korean traditional music performances, and has performed variously in Korea as well as abroad.


Received formal training in Korean traditional Dances and Drums from Ong Dance Company, San Francisco, CA and Studied new and emerging dances including Chinese Folk Dances from prominent dancer teachers, Beijing Dance Academy and Minzu University, China.
Worked closely with dance instructors to rechoreograph traditional dances to more creative contemporary style dance routines and well accepted by audiences nowadays.
Hosted workshops for Korean Long Drum Dance and Seung Mu (Korean Monk Dance) in Sooryu Dance Festivals to demonstrate dance moves with long sleeves and Dharma Drum, to instruct dancers in the special techniques.
Performed as a leading dancer and soloist in a wide variety of dance routines based on Chinese Folk Dances, Korean Traditional / Fusion Dances in numerous International Festivals and Charity EventsAssociation 

Luis minutti

Luis has been playing string instruments from a young age. He attended the Leon Cultural Institute Music School in Leon, Mexico, where he focused on woodwind instruments. In Canada, Luis has continued his training in music theory, guitar, and piano at Etobicoke’s Music Studio and currently plays guitar with that school’s Jazz Ensemble.

Jay Yoo

Jay Yoo is a guitarist, composer, and arranger originally from South Korea, and now based and active in Toronto. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance. Having studied with a number of renowned musicians such as Geoff Young, Mike Murley, and David Occhipinti, he is a versatile musician, active in a number of projects that explore multiple musical genres ranging from jazz, funk, rock and R&B to musical theater. Some of the projects Jay is involved in includes, ‘Dennis Kwok Quartet/Quintet’, a traditional Korean fusion band ‘Haneum’ run by the Korean Traditional Music Association of Canada, an award winning band ‘Snaggle’, and he leads his own band ‘Jay Yoo Group’. Yoo performs regularly at prominent venues and festivals in and around Toronto such as the Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, the Jazz Bistro, Markham Jazz Festival, TD Jazz Festival, Waterloo Jazz Festival to name a few.
Jay regularly works with his long-time collaborator, vocalist Jenna Marie Pinard, in her groups such as ‘Jenna Marie sings R&B’ and ‘Jenna Marie Jazz Group’. They released a collaborative duo album in November of 2019 entitled, ‘Here, Now’ which was showcased in Toronto and Montreal.
During the pandemic Jay recorded his second collaborative duo album, ‘Dual Unity’ with another long-time collaborator Mark Kazakevich and released it in May 2022, receiving praises from the media such as the Vancouver Sun featured as ‘5 albums by guitarists you should listen to right now’ and the Wholenote, “Dual Unity leaves their own imprint on every song they tackle, and this sonic palette owes itself entirely to Yoo and Kazakevich. There are so many moments of sudden unison, where a melodic or harmonic line is relayed by the strength and precision of their tandem.”