Mi Young Kim has established herself as one of the leading figures in the Korean- Canadian cultural scene. She works as a dancer, choreographer and instructor, and founded the Mi Young Kim Folk Dance Institute in 1979. The company then became the Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada, a non-profit organization in 1987.

Born in Seoul, Mi Young Kim is an immigrant artist that already had a decorated career and history in Korea before moving to Canada.
Since the age of five, she was taught by her great master teacher Yun Hak Kim, an influential dancer and choreographer who established his own dance school in 1945, one of the first in the country.

He personally trained and produced countless professionals in Korea, and over his 30 year career, Yun Hak Kim became widely known across the country for his original repertoire, becoming a historically significant figure in shaping Korean cultural dance.

Other notable figures who taught her include; Man Hyang Chu, Suk Woon Yun, Geum Ryun Sung, Ok Jin Kim, Sung Nam Yim and Wol Young Lee. These individuals are celebrated nationally for their works in their respective area; Ogomu, the five drum dance, Seoljanggo, the Gayageum, and ballet.

Mi Young Kim lunched a multi-cultural dance festival in 2003, The 1st Soo Ryu Dance Festival. Kim was presented with her pen name from poet Geum Shil Lee, which metaphor to spread Korean culture to all parts of the world like water, and after 2003, the Soo Ryu Dance Festival began and continued as currant.
Continue to promote traditional Korean dance and further develop her art, Mi Young Kim now concentrate on training new generations of dance artists and creating a dance style that is uniquely Korean-Canadian. Kim also invited traditional Korean entertainment dance performers such as Jin-Mi Park, Mi-Sook Song, and Hyegyeong Lee, and collaborated with several artists from Canadian multicultural diversity; Menaka Thakkar, Lata Pada, Zab Maboungou, William Lau, Kozakura Sensui and Oikado Ichiro.  


1997 Dance of Soul
1998 We Are One 1999 Millennium Cheer
2000 Shin Myung: Shaking Spirits
2001 Celebrating Choom 50 Years
2002 Dance as a Ritual
2003 Symbiosis: A Harmony of Light and Sound
2004 Legendary Tale
2005 Root Revitalized
2006 History Story 2007 Kaksori
2008 Eui-Sik Mu 2010 The Thundering Roar
2011 60 Years of Rhythm and Movement
2012 Soo Ryu: 50 Years of Canada-Korea Diplomatic Relations



1997  Founder of KDSSC 
1998 Chief Artist in Cultural Area – Korean Times Daily
2000 Best Award, Artistic Achievement – Korea Centural Daily
2001 Toronto Art Council – Committee member 
2002 Founder of SooRyu Dance Festival 
2003 Rob Ford Certificate of Acknowledgement – 60 Year Contribution to Dance
2004 Choreographer of the Year – Globe and Mail, Paula Citron
2005 Finalist of William Killborun Award for the Celebration of Toronto’s Cultural Life
2006 Gold Award, Kiwanis Dance Festival of Toronto