Interview with a Human Cultural Asset, Kim Chun-hueng by Professor Heo Young-il      
[The Ethnic Dance] The 2nd Edition_ December 2002    

“When I recall those days, I think of Kim Yoon-hak, who came to Korea in 1942 from Japan to Miaro Chiba, and was active in performing a korean dance by Cho Taek-won. Perhaps he did the first Kim Yun-hak presentation in “Time and Space” in 1945. He performed relatively Buddhist works such as “Ohsaengbulsim”, “Seokbul”, “Seungmu”, and “Chuwolgangsan”, and he was considered the most popular dancer in the dance presentation frame at that time. During his activities, he raised many disciples, including Kim Mi-young, Shin Ok-ja, Jeong Chun-ja, Cho Heung-dong, Kim Myung-hoon, Han Yu-seong and Han Sang-ok. Among them, Kim Mi-young was his youngest daughter, and she was introduced as the “The second Choi Seung-hee” because of her good character and talent.I heard that she is currently running the ‘Kim Mi young Korean Folk Dance Institute(now became the Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada)’ and has been invited to perform at the International Folk Festival.”

*Kim Cheon-heong (김천흥;金千興; February 9, 1909 – August 18, 2007)
He was designated as “Jongmyo Jeryeak” in 1964, and was recognized as an entertainment
holder of “Jongmyo Jeryeak” in 1968, and “Chuyongmu” in 1971, an important intangible
cultural asset. 

The Dance Current; Canada’s dance magazine
on Thursday Volume 4, Issue 6 November 2001

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November 2001 edition of The Dance Current print magazine

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