The SooRyu Festival started as an annual event in 2003 and is now biennial since 2006. The festival has proven to be a valuable event to the Canadian cultural community. Showcasing traditional, modern, contemporary creations of all dance forms, Soo Ryu has created a harmonious community in which artists from different countries and in different stages of their careers mingle and collaborate. Genres that they have presented include traditional African, Japanese, Butoh, Chinese, Mexican, Aboriginal, Korean, contemporary, modern ballet, classical Indian and many more.

“Soo” means water & “Ryu” means flowing in Korea.
For flourishing culture of the multicultural Society in Canada.
“Soo Ryu” is a Mi Young Kim’s artistic name.  

12th Soo Ryu Dance  Festival ” Naeng Yee”
Oct 19- Oct 22

Oct 19
Artists Networking
155 Beecroft Rd , North York
Party Room
Light meal provided

Oct 20
Naeng Yee Project for Live Streaming
18-20 performers including 2 live musicians

Oct 21-22
– Miyoung Kim
– Min Seo Kim
– Eun Ji Kim (Kklily)
– Jay Yu (Jung An Yu)
– Zab Moboungou
– Kiyoshi Nagata
– Yiming Cai

Meridan Arts Centre, Studio Theatre

Canada Heritage Arts Presentation
Service Canada
Canada Centre for the Arts
Ontario Arts Council
Toronto Arts Council 

Performers Bio

Minseo Kim

작품명 : 무당춤
원작 : 최승희 (1937년) 작품
작품내용 : 이 세상의 잡귀 귀신과 병마들을 물리치고 만백성이 부귀 영화와 천하 태평을 누리기를 기원하면서 무당방에서 굿을 하는 무당들의 개성적인 움직임과 특징을 예술적으로, 율동으로 형상화한 작품입니다. 

Eun Ji Kim – Kklily

– Graduated from National Gugak High School
– Graduated from Korea National University of Arts, Major in Percussion
– 2017 2nd Ganggamchan Festival National High Beop Pansori Traditional Music Contest, General Division High Law Grand Prize
– Seoul Metropolitan City Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 25 Pansori High School Apprentice 

Kiyoshi Nagata

Kiyoshi Nagata is the founder and artistic director of Nagata Shachu, Canada’s preeminent professional taiko group. Formed in 1998, Kiyoshi has led the ensemble in tours across North America and Italy in addition to major engagements in Lebanon and Mexico. As a performer, he has collaborated with both local and international artists as part of the group’s annual three-concert season, and his original compositions have been featured on the ensemble’s numerous CDs and DVDs.

Kiyoshi has been performing taiko in a career that spans four decades. He served as artistic director and performer of Toronto Suwa Daiko from 1982-1992, where he had the privilege of studying under taiko pioneer Grandmaster Daihachi Oguchi. From 1993 to 1994, Kiyoshi apprenticed with the world renowned Kodo drummers on Sado Island. With the assistance of a Chalmers Performing Arts Training Grant in 1999, Kiyoshi studied percussion with Paul Houle at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.

Kiyoshi has taught taiko at the U of T Faculty of Music since 1998. He also taught a public taiko course at the Royal Conservatory of Music from 2003 to 2011, and helped to found two community taiko groups in Burlington and Toronto. He is regularly invited by universities and taiko groups to present workshops and lectures. As a solo artist, he has composed and performed taiko music for dance, theatre, film and radio and continues to collaborate with artists from all genres of music including traditional Japanese instrumentalists.  

Jay Yoo

Jay Yoo is a guitarist, composer, and arranger originally from South Korea, and now based and active in Toronto. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance. Having studied with a number of renowned musicians such as Geoff Young, Mike Murley, and David Occhipinti, he is a versatile musician, active in a number of projects that explore multiple musical genres ranging from jazz, funk, rock and R&B to musical theater. Some of the projects Jay is involved in includes, ‘Dennis Kwok Quartet/Quintet’, a traditional Korean fusion band ‘Haneum’ run by the Korean Traditional Music Association of Canada, an award winning band ‘Snaggle’, and he leads his own band ‘Jay Yoo Group’. Yoo performs regularly at prominent venues and festivals in and around Toronto such as the Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, the Jazz Bistro, Markham Jazz Festival, TD Jazz Festival, Waterloo Jazz Festival to name a few.
Jay regularly works with his long-time collaborator, vocalist Jenna Marie Pinard, in her groups such as ‘Jenna Marie sings R&B’ and ‘Jenna Marie Jazz Group’. They released a collaborative duo album in November of 2019 entitled, ‘Here, Now’ which was showcased in Toronto and Montreal.
During the pandemic Jay recorded his second collaborative duo album, ‘Dual Unity’ with another long-time collaborator Mark Kazakevich and released it in May 2022, receiving praises from the media such as the Vancouver Sun featured as ‘5 albums by guitarists you should listen to right now’ and the Wholenote, “Dual Unity leaves their own imprint on every song they tackle, and this sonic palette owes itself entirely to Yoo and Kazakevich. There are so many moments of sudden unison, where a melodic or harmonic line is relayed by the strength and precision of their tandem.” 

Manuel Garcia

Manuel Garcia is a Mexican Film Artist based in Toronto. In Mexico, he was part of the production “Deporte Inaudito”. One of the pieces for this production (El Estadio Que Nunca Fue), was amongst the 20th best Sport Documentaries in 2018, according to AIPS Media.

In Canada he created the documentary “Isolations” and 3 Dance Films for Dance Ontario. As DOP and Editor, he was involved in the making of “Al-Qamar” directed by Yasmina Ramzy (screened at several international film festivals), and has also collaborated with Little Pear Garden, Sashar Sarif Dance Theatre and KDSSC in different projects. 

Zab Moboungou

Zab Maboungou, founder of the renowned Zab Maboungou/Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, a performing and choreographic artist and philosopher.

Remarkably, her contribution brings together and transcends identities and genres, without ever diluting the knowledge and practices which she innovated and developed in this country with an unflagging consistency. Her movement technique, lokéto, is innovative and has won the favour of those who want to perfect their understanding of contemporary and African dance.

In 2021 Zab Moboungou is a recipient of the Canada Governor General’s Performing Arts Award – artistic achievements 2020. 

Freddy Ernesto Valez

Origin : Cuba
Professional Experience
Musician and teacher Canada
Nyata-Nyata Dance School (accompany African and Haitian dance classes)
Professor at the Superior Institute of Cuban Art Cuba
Director of Afro-Cuban percussion workshops – batas, congas, etc.
Director of Afro-Cuban percussion workshops